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Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise and Clefairy/Clefable

Craftymaster90 and Yurtle recently completed these two latest patches!

I also know that Anna Marie (amneufeld) has completed the Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres patch but she forgot to take a photo of it before she sent it off to Faewren! So, a picture of that will hopefully be coming soon.

On another note, due to some people’s real life situations, we could not get all the patches done in the time we wanted to. So, again, we are in need of stitchers who are willing to help!
Email us at or join up at the Patchwork Gym Forums to find out more!


Badge contest results and more complete patches

The badge contest ended today and we have a winner! Congratulations to Holder of Anime, whose winning design will be used as our official logo!

Here’s Holder’s badge, “Love to Japan”:

It’s a lovely badge and I think it will represent us well. Great work, Holder! ^^

On to patch news – we have two more complete, including the first Gym Leaders patch!

Well done to blackberrybear and corbin!

Some new pictures also in the WIP gallery – do check them out to see patches progressing 😀

Finally, if you’d like to support us or want more information, email us or check out the forums!

Four more done

Let’s start by welcoming our newest members – annelotje, Toiya55, Slipstreamed and chouchou26e. And a special hello to our (almost) official cheerleader, Ploegette! ^^

Well, since the last post there’s been a whole bunch of completed patches, as well as more progress on the current ones.

All added to the Completed Patches gallery! The WIP gallery has also been updated with several new pictures.

In other news…

The badge competition is almost over! Voting begins tomorrow (April 15th) 😀

Link buttons now available for people who’d like to help promote our project on their websites/blogs – check this PPG thread for the buttons and more info!

And, as always, if you want more info or want to get involved, email us or join us at the forums!

The (poké)ball is officially rolling!

Since last week, our member list has grown – welcome to corbin, LilMissFirefly, EveningEmma, and Eliste!

Holder of Anime has the special honour of being the first to complete a patch, so well done to him. It’s the Charmander evolution set, as you can see here:

I’ve also added a number of progress pictures to the WIP gallery in the last few days and it looks like the first group of patches will be of a high standard! 😀

We now have a dedicated project forum, Big thanks to Faewren and her husband for doing the hard work getting it set up!

And to coincide with the opening of the forums, we are having a gym badge design contest! The badge will become our official logo and will be used on many things! All entrants are welcome – you don’t have to be stitching a patch to get involved 😀 Head over to the forums and check it out in the Competitions board – there will be a prize for the person who submits the winning design!

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