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Bunch of Patches :D

It’s been quiet on the posting front for a few days (as I have been swamped with stuff and things), but fear not as the stitchy peeps at the Gym have been…well, stitching 😛

Today I have for you four (4) complete patches! 😀 We have: Doduo/Dodrio by annelotje, Rhyhorn/Rhydon by lijnloos, Magikarp/Gyarados and Spearow/Fearow, both by Holder of Anime.

Well done to those awesome peoples! Their patches bring our current total to 32, and that’s more than a third of the patches complete!

Coming soon – Lapras, Goldeen/Seaking and more! 😀
Don’t forget to check out our forums, or our Facebook page – all links found in the sidebar! (Yeah, I’m too lazy to link them myself, but I have stitching to do! :P)

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