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Another patch completed

I’m kicking off today’s post by welcoming our newest members: powergirl and Amaya. Amaya has joined up for her mother (who will be doing some stitching), so welcome to her as well! 😀

We have another finished patch! Well done to Anna Marie (amneufeld) on completing Diglett and Dugtrio.

A number of patches are now nearing completion – they will be posted on the PPG forums and here as soon as they are. Please check out the WIP gallery to see how the stitchers are progressing as it is updated regularly 😀

In other news…

The badge competition is underway and we have a few entries so far. Our prize has been finalized and I’m pleased to announce that the winner will receive a T-shirt with their badge design on it, as well as a forum badge. Voting on entries will begin on April 15th at the forums.

We have started taking ideas for things to put in a scrapbook – which will accompany the finished quilt. There will be photos and all sorts going in – including some very strange advice and some funny quotes from our members 😀

And finally, if you want to join up and help out – head over to the forums or email us at

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